Making sure we are "All In"

truecycling are committed to improving access to cycling.  We have always pushed social norms in our sport to encourage individuals to come and take part in the sport we love. We want to share our love for cycling wider so that so many different groups can access our passion easily, sustainable and without barriers.

We didnt want to specify particular groups, however we have been questioned about why we run specific groups, events or why we aim to attract certain individuals.  This is not us defending our actions, but to give greater thought to why we do...

Women’s Cycling

We often have had queries about why we organise women specific events.  We do this to provide a platform for peers to come together, share stories and promote the sport including access to this.

We recognise that there are no men only events, however in our comparable events our Otley Sportiva (women only event) had 135 riders, whereas our Otley Sportive (open event) only had 27 women riders (7.2%).  This is evident of the need to provide women only events; women only events have a place to develop riders, and have a requirement to do this from a development perspective not that they are unequal to male counterparts. 

From speaking to women who attend our women only sessions they say that they feel overall uncomfortable with men when they are cycling - specifically; judgement, competitiveness, negative comments on ability.

Handcycling and Disabled Cycling

Similar to women’s cycling we want to provide genuine, well supported equal sportive events for those who handcycle and use trikes as a means of cycling.  We were one of the first events nationally to provide the same sportive event to handcyclists, and will continue to look at how we can provide events for those who handcycle or use a trike.  We recognise that there is a great personal need in this case, specifically tailoring our event offer and how we provide events for all cyclists.