We've been quiet

So usually about this time of year we would have been publicising the Otley Sportive.  We wont be holding it this year.

Usually whilst the Sportive was being planned the Women's Sportiva would be mid planning stage. We wont be holding it this year.

True Cycling was at the forefront of the sportive market at the beginning of the cycling boom. We aimed to support riders into getting into cycling in a safe supportive environment. Working with a few individuals we managed to do that. We are so incredibly proud to see some individuals who joined us in 2012 competently riding 60 miles or racing or taking on variety of challenges. We have completed our objective of getting new riders into cycling, into clubs - without any judgement about what they look like, what they ride or if it's their maiden voyage.

Since starting in 2011 we have had nearly 4,000 riders take part over the 6 years in all our events, and reached out to almost 12,000 riders through other work we have done.   

Our very first sportive was in 2011, based from an NHS fitness campaign. Our roots were and still are in getting individuals cycling. We have supported many causes and donated a couple of thousand pounds to charity.

So in 2017 we've decided to take a break for a year. See it as our "Gap Year". We continue to work with a few people and will host a couple of tiny random events over summer just to keep our presence. We also have a few ideas we want to test out.

2018 is so far away that we don't know what will happen.

What we do want to say though is we've had massive support so far on our journey from our sponsors; Chevin Cycles, OTE Sports, Yellow Jersey Insurance, Yorkshire Bike Fitting and North Bar. We also have massive thanks to Otley Bridge Scouts who have been a fantastic help in supporting our events. Also big thanks to those individuals who have supported every single step we've taken - you know who you are!!

As we cycle and drive around Yorkshire it's phenomenal to see how many people are on bikes!! Who are cycling around this amazing county of ours.

Please please keep in touch with us, we'll occasionally post and discuss various things. We will also post a couple of our events and bits of news.

Otley Sportiva - Cancelled

It comes with real sadness that we are having to cancel the Otley Sportiva on Sunday.  This decision is not made lightly, however with such a low sign up we have to question how enjoyable such a ride would be and within our ethos of social riding.

This is our third year of hosting the Otley Sportiva, and we have seen so many different women come and take part, riding with others and importantly developing their confidence in such events.

We really are sorry that we have left it so late to cancel, it has been an incredibly tough decision and we will be refunding every individual who has signed up over the course of this week.

We will offer each rider who signed up free entry onto one of our events next year.  We will also host a specific womens only social ride before the end of the year for free. This will allow us to bring a smaller group together and have the chat and comradery amongst riders.

We will be announcing more information about our plans for 2017 soon, and hope that we havent put you off any of our events.

The experience that riders have at our events is extremely important, and we are truly sorry that we are having to cancel this weekends events.

Best wishes

True Cycling team.


Tour de Yorkshire - Otley Bridge URC

The second year of the Tour de Yorkshire, - Where are you heading to?

At True Cycling we are torn though between two venues: whether it be the Otley Bridge URC or to North Bar Social.  North Bar are one of our sponsors and importantly Team Sky Coffee and Cake partner.  However we also are proud to support the Otley Bridge Scouts, part of Otley Bridge Church - which is where our surplus monies from our events gets donated to.

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Otley Sportiva 2016 - Routes Confirmed

The hard work that is taken in preparing a route for a sportive is never really talked about.  Its not simply about a few clicks on the favourite mapping tool to make a pretty loop taking in some scenery, missing some dual carriage ways and trying to find somewhere for feed stations.

Creating a route is like creating the adventure, its the veins and heart of any event.  A good route will lead to less on the day issues, high satisfaction amongst riders and importantly getting everyone back safely.

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2016. Getting sorted.

So it has to be said that so far in 2016 very little has happened with our lovely little company, and those cyclists we aim to please.

We have had many questions about the plans for 2016, and what we will and wont be doing.  2015 was our first big year, and we really challenged ourselves and pushed what we wanted to do, some of it worked. Some of it didnt.

Thats the beauty of who we are and what we do. We take the risks, we love the local cycling scene but we also like to do things that are a tad different.

If you follow us on twitter you know we are keen on getting sportives as cheap as possible, ensuring that we can provide the best possible experience for cyclists. However this is very much based on numbers coming through the door, or webpage and putting their money on our events.  Also its about from the absolute beginning ensuring that riders get the most out of every single step along the way from signing up, to pre-event advice, to the on the day experience and then post ride follow up.  Because last year was so busy, we missed some of this.  We focused on the number of events, and kind of lost our way with the riders.  The people who make it happen.

2015 is also precious because of the number of volunteers we had involved, from the newbies through to those who have legendary status.  You know who you are.  We had to recognise that at times we asked a lot and it became chaotic for them. The event experience for them was not good.

What we are saying is that we lost our balance.  2016 is the right time to get this back.

So... 2016 we have already started with supporting Otley Cycle Club and sponsoring an award, and also continuing to deliver the prize against the Lizzie Armitstead Trophy. We started strong, and its how we mean to go on.

The agenda. The mission for 2016.

We want to go back to our roots, so we are going to continue with the Otley Sportiva, The Otley Sportive, and our social rides - increasing these as monthly gatherings across Yorkshire.  

We also want to create a unique footprint this year, developing our opportunities to explore other events. Holding some longer adventures is something we want to explore.  We have plans that are happening and we will share these with you over the next month or so.

We will announce all dates and events shortly.  Thank you for all your continuous support.  Its fantastic to see and hear people talking about what we've done and asking about whats happening in 2016.

Thank you, and we will keep in touch.

Beauty in a Jersey - classic designs from a very young brand

Introducing Paria Cycle Clothing.

You will have seen that we are keen ambassadors of new brands coming onto the scene that need a bit of publicity and push into an audience.  This isnt just that on this post.  This is more.  This is a developing partnership of True Cycling and Paria Cycle Clothing. 

As much as our kit has been supplied by the amazing company, brand and graphic design of Milltag, we do not see any harm in looking at whats right on our doorstep.

Paria have taken up a mantle between the classic designs of Morvelo and the recent designs of Rapha and kinda blended them adding in a bit of urban influence and a dark side of cycling and kinda thats what Paria has born.

Paria really fits with what we want to achieve - local business, supporter of cycling community, ran by amazing people with the same ethos.  

So if you fancy checking these guys out (and you have to admire the modelling from the owners) visit www.paria.cc

Love this!

True Cycling team.

Svelte Cycles - Kickstarter Project that we should all support

We recently were approached by Svelte Cycles in ask for a little push amongst our riders.  We were happy to oblige when we looked into what they were trying to do.  There are a fair few different Kickstarter Campaigns out there that we as cyclists should be getting behind.  This is one of them, and we will be showcase our favourite three over the next week.  First up...

Stylish, quality cycle jerseys, Made in London for an affordable price

At Svelte cycles, we started off with a simple vision of what a mid-priced cycling jersey could be.
Over the last 12 months we have been working with our factory in East London, to our first jersey, The Heritage Jersey, that we believe has managed to fulfil this brief. Made from the highest quality Danish fabric, that is a new blend of Merino wool and polyester, the Heritage Jersey, was redesigned from the ground up. The fit is athletic, but maintains a relaxed styling such that you would not look out of place in a cafe or your local drinking hole, enjoying a
post ride drink. It is intentionally designed to be minimalist, and is available in 3 wholesome deep colours; Burgundy, Forest Green, and Deep Navy.
We launched our first collection of jerseys, bib shorts, base layers and arm warmers on Kickstarter, a couple of weeks ago. We are trying to raise £10,000 in order to enable us to cover the costs of high minimum order quantities of fabric and manufacturing. Come and pledge, and you will get one of the first jerseys off the production line in time for summer, for as little at £60!


Ride Happy,
Svelte Cycles x

Leeds Lumen - didnt light up...

We have unfortunately have had to cancel the Leeds Lumen event due on Friday.  The event was born out of some ideas from a couple of riders who came to us with the idea.  Wanting to always challenge and put new events in the cycling environment we took a risk to host the event to see if we could build a successful event which provided something different for riders in Yorkshire.

The concept was built on the Dulwich Dynamo club event, however the event proved not to have any bite.  We will look at making smaller event but with the same concept behind it for launch in 2016.

As a group we want to be able to take the risks and listen to riders and hopefully help meet their needs and wants in rides.

Any ideas? Why not get in touch? 

Performance Nutrition for Women

Performance Nutrition for Women

Women’s participation in sport is on the increase. There are now more opportunities for women to participate or compete in a variety of sports, and with this brings improved health, self-esteem and self-efficacy. Since the 2012 London Olympics female sporting role models are in abundance and proving to be an inspiration to the young up and coming talent of our Nation.

Despite the many benefits of sport and exercise, there are certain aspects that can in fact become detrimental to health. Research has shown that women are more at risk of developing negative health outcomes as a consequence of poor nutrition surrounding sporting activity. This can include eating disorders, menstrual disturbances or low bone density. It is important that women understand their own specific nutritional needs to allow for the development of strong, healthy athletes who can perform to the best of their ability.

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Dont lose friends before you have made them: Preparing for 100km

I've been asked by the lovely True Cycling folks to give a few tips on how to prepare for a 100km ride. This is a great subject as 100km is one of those distances that some people often take too lightly in respect of preparation. Some folks will be fit enough not to think too much about it, some folks will find it daunting and hard. Equally, though, all can quite easily ruin a good day out by not preparing appropriately.

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