Right kit for the job

As part of our blogging we will review pieces of kit.  This is bits that we have bought or been offered.  We want to be honest and give you real opinions.  We are not saying this happens but we have no sponsors to really please, and those who do sponsor us recognise the importance of honesty.

So with no further a do... our first kit blog...

Vulpine Soft Shell Jacket - www.vulpine.cc 

Soft Shell Jacket - £175.00

This soft shell jacket really caught my attention.  I loved the detail, I loved everything about it. I am always unsure on the cross between cycle wear and urban off the bike wear.  I dont want it to come across as if 'look at me identify me as a cyclist even though am in a bar'.  As cyclists we are a proud species but we talk about cycling enough without having to look like one 24/7.  Our tan lines give that away.

So this jacket.  Its a fantastic well made, beautiful item.  I love the details.  Its been amazing in the snow, despite the -1 degrees and the ice its really kept me warm with just a jersey underneath.  Its not been through a shower yet, but suspect it would live up to that pretty well. 

The colour is very light, in fact probably a tad too light - a shade or two darker and it would be perfect.  The fit is tight around the stomach and loose around the shoulders.  This is a personal thing I know but my shoulders are pretty broad and my stomach isnt bulging.  Something to be aware of.  Around the neck there is a magnetic collar - this doesnt fit.  It doesnt fit anywhere near.  I have a 16" neck on a shirt and the garment was a x-large.  Something has gone wrong with that.  

Lastly, and this is a weird annoyance.  The 'tail' to shelter your bum from road spray tucks up and magnetically attaches - its fantastic only all that spray and road muck has now transferred onto the back of your shirt.

Summary of this is that its a great jacket, I would easily say there are others out there that do a better job (Castelli, Assos, Bontrager etc) however there is something very special about owning a piece of Vulpine.  

Rating - 7/10

Image: vulpine.cc   

Image: vulpine.cc


Image: vulpine.cc

Image: vulpine.cc