Supporting GTD

A team of awareness raisers are taking part in the 108km Tour de Yorkshire sportive in May.  GTD is a cancer where there is little known.  

Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD) is a  group of rare and little known cancers that affect women who have had a pregnancy-related event (therefore they are gestational).  Once diagnosed the prognosis is almost always good - the condition is curable as incredibly reactive to conventional chemotherapy.

A great detail is known about breast cancer and are becoming more aware of cervical cancers but are interested in learning more about the signs and symptoms of other female specific cancers to help themselves and their friends and family be alert to other cancers they may be at risk of.

If caught early GTD is a curable condition.  The woman diagnosed with this condition often has other children to look after or is dealing with a miscarriage whilst dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  This is tough.

What do we want you to do:

THINK:  I know about this disease and will be alert to the signs and symptoms

FEEL:  I want to prevent any other women missing this diagnosis.

DO: Mention the condition to health care professionals if suspected.

If you can you can also sponsor the team who are raising awareness by clicking on:

Thank you for supporting this cause.