Sportive Review - Otley Sportiva

We were proud to be able to host our second Otley Sportiva at the weekend. We had around 70 individuals out on their bikes and in the sun enjoying either our long or medium rides.

Bringing women together to enjoy cycling and the social side is important.  It is about improving access to our sport.  At our women only event we attract many more than we do at any of our other sportives.  For example in September at the Otley Sportive we only had 29 women take part.

We have had amazing feedback from a lot of participants about the event, a few things would be that it would be great to have it later in the year (around June) and a tad less climbing (6500ft in total this year!).  We will look at probably increasing the medium to around 35 miles with less climbing involved. 

What we hope we have achieved is a sportive that women can get behind, can encourage others to come along to and continue to support womens cycling in the UK.

Going forward, we have a passion to develop more around the womens cycling agenda.  Any ideas are very welcome.

Everyone who volunteered said they really enjoyed the event.  I would like to thank every rider who took part in our event.  You made it a fantastic day.  Thank you.