Update: Otley Sportiva - Autumn 2016

We have been really excited about getting the Otley Sportiva out and published as we wanted to have an excellent event and allow our planning and efforts to give riders a great event.

Unfortunately we have not yet had the event approved, with hold ups due to the route crossing another closed event path and the issues that it could bring. What we have decided to do is move this back to Autumn 2016.  

For those hardcore riders there is no "end of season" however we thought that we would have a bit more of a end of season celebration and will put something else together to make it special.

We are truly gutted by this, the decision had to be made on the timescale to recruit riders to make the event successful. We believe we have made every effort to push this event to keep on schedule however this has not been possible.

I would like to apologise to every rider who wanted to sign up to our event.  We are passionate about bringing great events which individuals want to take part in and come away enjoying.  We do not feel that this would be possible and we have no assurance of when the event will be approved.  This is a big risk for us to take at this point to try and continue on.

I would like to thank each rider who supported us to this point, we will get a date set for Autumn and will get all information out very soon.

Thank you