Tour de Yorkshire - Otley Bridge URC

The second year of the Tour de Yorkshire, and once again the volunteers of Otley Bridge Church are hosting an event to be proud of.

At True Cycling we are torn though between two venues: whether it be the Otley Bridge URC or to North Bar Social.  North Bar are one of our sponsors and importantly Team Sky Coffee and Cake partner.  However we also are proud to support the Otley Bridge Scouts, part of Otley Bridge Church - which is where our surplus monies from our events gets donated to.

So whats on offer? The guys and gals at North Bar Social have a massive party night on tomorrow (29th) with a Lizzie Armitstead Suite - talk Jazz, Cocktails and an atmosphere to rival most evenings in Otley.

Come Saturday, the Otley Bridge are up with their big screen, their local home made cakes, their tea and coffee. Free secure bike parking and a great atmosphere amongst true yorkshire folk.  There will be no religious messages forced upon you.

Fancy a beer, with some meat platters, or cake and coffee? Then maybe then after the Otley Bridge head over to North Bar Social. See their alternative offerings and celebrate the success of another Yorkshire Cycling event. 

Either way, have fun, be safe and enjoy the race!!