We've been quiet

So usually about this time of year we would have been publicising the Otley Sportive.  We wont be holding it this year.

Usually whilst the Sportive was being planned the Women's Sportiva would be mid planning stage. We wont be holding it this year.

True Cycling was at the forefront of the sportive market at the beginning of the cycling boom. We aimed to support riders into getting into cycling in a safe supportive environment. Working with a few individuals we managed to do that. We are so incredibly proud to see some individuals who joined us in 2012 competently riding 60 miles or racing or taking on variety of challenges. We have completed our objective of getting new riders into cycling, into clubs - without any judgement about what they look like, what they ride or if it's their maiden voyage.

Since starting in 2011 we have had nearly 4,000 riders take part over the 6 years in all our events, and reached out to almost 12,000 riders through other work we have done.   

Our very first sportive was in 2011, based from an NHS fitness campaign. Our roots were and still are in getting individuals cycling. We have supported many causes and donated a couple of thousand pounds to charity.

So in 2017 we've decided to take a break for a year. See it as our "Gap Year". We continue to work with a few people and will host a couple of tiny random events over summer just to keep our presence. We also have a few ideas we want to test out.

2018 is so far away that we don't know what will happen.

What we do want to say though is we've had massive support so far on our journey from our sponsors; Chevin Cycles, OTE Sports, Yellow Jersey Insurance, Yorkshire Bike Fitting and North Bar. We also have massive thanks to Otley Bridge Scouts who have been a fantastic help in supporting our events. Also big thanks to those individuals who have supported every single step we've taken - you know who you are!!

As we cycle and drive around Yorkshire it's phenomenal to see how many people are on bikes!! Who are cycling around this amazing county of ours.

Please please keep in touch with us, we'll occasionally post and discuss various things. We will also post a couple of our events and bits of news.