Otley Sportiva 2016 - Routes Confirmed

The hard work that is taken in preparing a route for a sportive is never really talked about.  Its not simply about a few clicks on the favourite mapping tool to make a pretty loop taking in some scenery, missing some dual carriage ways and trying to find somewhere for feed stations.

Creating a route is like creating the adventure, its the veins and heart of any event.  A good route will lead to less on the day issues, high satisfaction amongst riders and importantly getting everyone back safely.

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2016. Getting sorted.

So it has to be said that so far in 2016 very little has happened with our lovely little company, and those cyclists we aim to please.

We have had many questions about the plans for 2016, and what we will and wont be doing.  2015 was our first big year, and we really challenged ourselves and pushed what we wanted to do, some of it worked. Some of it didnt.

Thats the beauty of who we are and what we do. We take the risks, we love the local cycling scene but we also like to do things that are a tad different.

If you follow us on twitter you know we are keen on getting sportives as cheap as possible, ensuring that we can provide the best possible experience for cyclists. However this is very much based on numbers coming through the door, or webpage and putting their money on our events.  Also its about from the absolute beginning ensuring that riders get the most out of every single step along the way from signing up, to pre-event advice, to the on the day experience and then post ride follow up.  Because last year was so busy, we missed some of this.  We focused on the number of events, and kind of lost our way with the riders.  The people who make it happen.

2015 is also precious because of the number of volunteers we had involved, from the newbies through to those who have legendary status.  You know who you are.  We had to recognise that at times we asked a lot and it became chaotic for them. The event experience for them was not good.

What we are saying is that we lost our balance.  2016 is the right time to get this back.

So... 2016 we have already started with supporting Otley Cycle Club and sponsoring an award, and also continuing to deliver the prize against the Lizzie Armitstead Trophy. We started strong, and its how we mean to go on.

The agenda. The mission for 2016.

We want to go back to our roots, so we are going to continue with the Otley Sportiva, The Otley Sportive, and our social rides - increasing these as monthly gatherings across Yorkshire.  

We also want to create a unique footprint this year, developing our opportunities to explore other events. Holding some longer adventures is something we want to explore.  We have plans that are happening and we will share these with you over the next month or so.

We will announce all dates and events shortly.  Thank you for all your continuous support.  Its fantastic to see and hear people talking about what we've done and asking about whats happening in 2016.

Thank you, and we will keep in touch.