Otley Sportiva 2016 - Routes Confirmed

The hard work that is taken in preparing a route for a sportive is never really talked about.  Its not simply about a few clicks on the favourite mapping tool to make a pretty loop taking in some scenery, missing some dual carriage ways and trying to find somewhere for feed stations.

Creating a route is like creating the adventure, its the veins and heart of any event.  A good route will lead to less on the day issues, high satisfaction amongst riders and importantly getting everyone back safely.

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Dont lose friends before you have made them: Preparing for 100km

I've been asked by the lovely True Cycling folks to give a few tips on how to prepare for a 100km ride. This is a great subject as 100km is one of those distances that some people often take too lightly in respect of preparation. Some folks will be fit enough not to think too much about it, some folks will find it daunting and hard. Equally, though, all can quite easily ruin a good day out by not preparing appropriately.

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