Getting the commute on...

Getting the commute on...

Today I got my commute on.  Its been a while since I did the ride into work on my bike.  Its usually been in the car.  What I noticed today is that actually it saved me around about 6 minutes by cycling rather than driving. 

Not only that it made me feel amazing, invincible.  So it made me start thinking - why dont I do this more often.  It really is mind over matter.

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Cycle Insurance with a difference

So... yes we are sponsored by Yellow Jersey Insurance, but we wanted to represent a brand we believe in.  We know insurance companies are known for ripping people off and actually more than likely increasing premiums year on year.

Yellow Jersey are different.  Their policies are created by cyclists for cyclists.  They protect you if you are racing, and if you travel.  They consider where you may leave your bike and insure it if its left in the car... 

We love them.  We wouldnt want them to share our website if we didnt believe in what they do. Have a look at their site, see what you think.  Alternatively watch their little video...

We're Launched

True Cycling has launched.  

Yesterday we had our launch celebrations - a ride in the morning and a party in the evening.  We were pleased to celebrate our new chapter amongst many friends, supporters and cyclists.  We were proud to see our hard work being celebrated, people coming together to see what we are about and hear about our future events.

We would like to thank: North Bar Social, Chevin Cycles, Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance, En Route Coffee.  We would like to thank Sarah Inglis and Stephen Jarmuz in supporting the day and its very smooth running.

The event held a informal evening with a presentation about True Cycling, followed by Meat and Cheese Antipasti and Prototype Beer.

We are currently just finalising the video. But in the meantime you can view our presentation.

Why it is important to keep our social values.

So as we progress to our launch of True Cycling, we want to share why it’s important that we keep our social values.

True Cycling has been born out of Otley Sportive and Otley Sportive Cycling Organisation.  We have always been passionate about ensuring any surplus is reinvested back into our community and specifically cycling in the community.  That’s why we have supported or ran projects such as the Do You Ride Strategy, the launch of Otley Loves Cyclists and why we have donated over the years thousands of pounds to Otley Bridge Scouts, Sustrans, Rotherham Hospice and Scarborough Cycling Festival.

Why we do this is because we are responsible.  We care about ensuring we support the communities in which we provide events by supporting them through promoting local businesses, showcasing local clubs and championing local routes that all support the local economy.  We care about riders ensuring that those who cannot afford to ride, get an opportunity, and those that don’t have a club but want social rides we ensure that they have that opportunity.

We also take pride in the price of our events.  Cycling is a sport for the masses, its not one for the elite few.  We aim to keep it that way.  We want to see the faces of people who have overcome personal challenges, beaten their personal bests, or who have ridden with friends.

So we believe that although we make money, we make our events successful we are using it as a vehicle to help people, help new and established cyclists and helping supporting local businesses and start-ups in cycling.

True Cycling launches on the 31st January.  We launch to become a sustainable events company, continuing into the next chapter from Otley Sportive.

And we're starting to build our website...

Welcome to True Cycling Limited.  We would like to welcome our new followers and our old ones from our Otley Sportive days.  

We ask that you are patient whilst we develop our site, but are really excited for 2015.  We are changing to be sustainable and continue to develop our offer across Yorkshire.  

We are officially launching on the 1st February 2015... so please watch this space.