Community Strategy

We are passionate about improving cycling from grass roots approach.  We recognise that with the increase in people taking up cycling that a progressive approach has to be taken. 

We promote that cycling can bring many benefits to communities not limited to:

·         Improved Health and Wellbeing

·         Reduction in Obesity through being active

·         Improvement in transport by supporting sustainable transport methods

·         Reduced sickness within the workplace

·         Investment from national policy and strategy

·         Reduction in the impact to the local environment.

We not only believe the above, we support, contribute and coordinate this agenda.

Our business is based on the principle that cycling should be inclusive; provide opportunities and change lifestyle and health.  

We are support social value at the basis of all business: understanding what positive impact we can make for every £1 spent with us.  We are not yet big enough to offer apprenticeships or training programmes, but we are big enough to support a culture of local economy, step change and community based asset approach to health and wellbeing.

Empowerment and Engagement

True cycling can provide any organisation with the opportunities to engage and empower communities, whether these be corporate, rural or urban communities.  Our mechanisms of tailoring cycling to the demographic, underpinning our approach with social media, marketing and social movement have been pinnacle to our success.  It is very much where we started, we started by removing the barriers to cycling promoting it as; social, safe; fun and non-judgemental.

Working with communities

Our experience has been based around Yorkshire working on small schemes:

·         Promoting social cycling

·         Developing a strategy to develop economic benefit through cycling

·         Writing, coordinating and delivery of community cycling strategy: providing a framework to give every resident an opportunity to cycle

·         Development of business case to support the development of social enterprises focusing on repair and introduction of affordable bikes in the community.