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What do I need to do when I arrive at a sportive?

There will be a stall asking for registered riders and another for on the day registrations.  We will take your details and give you a ride number, if you are registering on the day you will have to pay your entry fee.  This ride number needs to be attached to your bike or person.  You will be given a safety briefing and then riders will then be released in small bunches depending on your ride distance.  This allows us to provide a safe environment for all our riders.  

What happens during a sportive?

This isn't a silly question, especially if this is your first.  After you have set off, we advise that you find your pace and stick with it.  Some people will overtake you, and some you will pass.  This is the nature of mass participation events.  Remember this isnt a race, so actually pacing yourself is key.  We recommend that if you ride as a group you use some etiquette - take turns on the front, talk to others, and dont just sit on the back.  Keep the pace steady and indicate either by arms or shouting about any obstacles, potholes etc.  If you have 'bonked' or 'hit the wall' say this to the group you are riding with, they will help you along as long as you have helped them.  As you ride along you may need to stop for a toilet break, we do not provide toilets so we ask again that you use local facilities with the greatest respect.  We also provide feed stations along the route, help yourself to the food and products available.  If you need help just call the contact number on the rear of your rider number.  See mechanical help question.

What happens at the end of the sportive?

Firstly you should give yourself a celebratory cheer - you have achieved a fantastic achievement.  Please sign back in - this will be our way of knowing you have returned.  This will be a single sign in sheet, which we ask for you to tick off on your return - this ensures your safety.  You will then be able to go and help yourself to tea or coffee and cake.

What food is at your feedstations?

At our feed stations you will be able to get water, energy products supplied by Totally Fuelled, bananas, nuts, chocolate, and cake.  We do supply a limited gluten free snacks.  We do not provide lunches on our rides.  We ask that riders use local cafes and shops to buy further supplies - this allows us to keep our price of our events as low as possible.

What kit do I need for a sportive event?

We cannot plan the weather unfortunately which means we ask you to use some thought when preparing for the event.  We ask that you consider how you ride, and what the weather is planned for. We suggest:

  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Coat/Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Booties
  • Shoes
  • Bibshorts/Tights/Legwarmers
  • Jersey/LS Jersey/Baselayer/Armwarmers
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Water biddons

You will also need to bring the following:

  • Inner tube
  • Tyre levers
  • Multi tool
  • Pump or CO2 canisters
  • Energy Gels, Bars or snacks

What if I have a puncture or mechanical?

We have a mechanic at each of our events.  What we ask though is that you are self sufficient as much as possible e.g. if you have a puncture please try to fix it yourself.  We hold maintenance classes throughout the year, so if needs be book onto one of those.  However, if you cannot fix your puncture, have snapped your chain, or snapped a cable do not hesitate to contact our mechanic who will get you on the road as soon as possible.  If your mechanical failure means you cannot continue we will ensure you get back to the start.  There will be a delay between your call and our mechanic coming to you, this is around about 20 minutes on average, so keep yourself warm!

How do I know where to go?

We signpost our events as much as possible with arrows, and these are coloured to which distance you are taking part in.  The signs will be at any turning point, or where there has been a significant distance without any turns.  We publish all our routes in advance using Strava mapping tool.  This will allow you to download to most GPS devices such as Garmin, Mio and Bryton  alternatively you can use your apple or .  We do not provide maps at our events - although you can print from Strava if you wish to do this in advance.  If you get lost just call the phone number on the back of your rider number.

What can I expect?

Expectations of riders continues to increase with the number of sportives that are happening.  We like that there is a wide range of sportives and events for riders to enter.  We do not agree with anyone paying more than £25 for the one day standard sportive experience, you will never see a one day sportive costing more than this from True Cycling.  However what this means is that riders expectations should be in line with this.  We continually use sponsors to add value to our events, and we continue to ensure that we make a donation from your entry fee to charities that we support.  But what you can expect is this:

  • a very welcoming atmosphere,
  • a well organised ride,
  • mechanical support,
  • a goodie bag when you finish,
  • feedstops,
  • signposting and
  • when you return a cup of tea or coffee and cake.  

What is the minimum age you can accept?

Each of our events are different however on most our sportives we will accept anyone over 12 with a Parent or Guardian who rides alongside the child.  Any child aged 16-18 will need parental consent, but can ride without a Parent or Guardian.  We ask that everyone who rides knows how to ride safely on the road, and that they have a helmet.

Can I cancel my entry?

Once you have signed up we see that as your commitment to ride.  If you can let us know in advance that you are not coming we appreciate that.  If you do not ride on the day we will donate your entry fee to charity. 

Can I change rider or exchange my place?

You cannot give away your place to another rider, or exchange your place.  We can for safety only allow the rider who registered a place on the ride.

What are Rider Numbers?

Each of our events give riders a number.  We ask that these are attached to your bike rather than the rider.  These allow us to check you through, but also ensure if you are in an accident we can quickly get your details and make sure the emergency services have all the important information.  Our ride numbers are specifically designed for bikes to sit behind the seat post.  The rider number will be given on the day.

Do you provide photographs of your event?

We ask Sportsunday.co.uk to take photos of our riders.  They are extremely good and get majority of riders in one or two places along the route.  They have photographs up and online usually the same day.  You can buy the images for your keepsake.

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