Sportive Events

Our main purpose is to bring some amazing sportive events to riders across Yorkshire.  We dont believe that sportives should cost a fortune or should be over complicated.  We offer between 1 and 3 routes, charge £20 and you get all you need to ride with others.

This £20 includes:

  • Feed stations
  • Mechanical Support
  • Coffee and Cake at the end
  • A fully signed route
  • Goodie Bag
  • An amazing day!

From the £20 we also make a donation to charity.  This charity will depend on what event it is and who we are supporting in the event.  

Have a look at our event schedule 

Yorkshire Urban Cycling Festival - Cancelled

Its sad but due to issues out of our control we will not be hosting the Yorkshire Urban Cycling Festival.

We had such great hopes for a fantastic event however with the pressures on legals, licenses, transfer of land, ownership and all sorts of mishaps out of our control we are going to bite the bullet and pull the event from our calendar.

We believed this event was going to be the pinnacle event of Leeds and Yorkshire in 2015.  We have brought on some amazing partners who also have pulled out all the stops to try and make this happen.  

We wanted an event that we all put down on paper and anything we did was going to come short on that.  We have lots of opportunities in 2016 and taking the lessons learnt from 2015 will come back with a stronger portfolio of events.

We thank everyone for their support in trying to make this happen.

Paria Kit - Beauty in Jersey Design

Introducing Paria Cycle Clothing.

You will have seen that we are keen ambassadors of new brands coming onto the scene that need a bit of publicity and push into an audience.  This isnt just that on this post.  This is more.  This is a developing partnership of True Cycling and Paria Cycle Clothing. 

As much as our kit has been supplied by the amazing company, brand and graphic design of Milltag, we do not see any harm in looking at whats right on our doorstep.

Paria have taken up a mantle between the classic designs of Morvelo and the recent designs of Rapha and kinda blended them adding in a bit of urban influence and a dark side of cycling and kinda thats what Paria has born.

Paria really fits with what we want to achieve - local business, supporter of cycling community, ran by amazing people with the same ethos.  

So if you fancy checking these guys out (and you have to admire the modelling from the owners) visit

Love this!

True Cycling Club

When we launched we wanted to bring an essence of informality to the cycling scene.  By blending in the classic cycling attitudes with a surf culture we think we may have hit it right.  

Our club is not for those who want to go out and blitz the segments, nor is it for those who want to develop.  Its for those who want to socialise and have an old school clubhouse approach post ride.

Have a look at our club, its free membership and everyone is welcome.  View our TCC