Legal Notice

Name of Organisation
True Cycling

What’s Your Story? Campaign

If you are taking part in our campaign, a few things we want you to know.  By submitting us your video you give us the right to distribute the video as part of our campaign.  We may edit this to remove sections only.  We will not accept any nudity in these videos.  We have the right not to show your video as part of our campaign.  We are not responsible for the use of Dropbox or Youtube, and you do this at your own risk.  If you send us your video via email or any other means, we are not responsible and you do this at your own risk.  We will not be liable for any data or connectivity charges.  Please check with your operator to see if any charges will apply before submitting.


We not responsible for the content of the website, however we are not responsible for your access to our website. You access our website at your own risk. All content on this website is validated prior to posting online, however most content is from third parties – we are not responsible for their events, in any way. We are not responsible for any events posted on our website. We are not responsible for any cycling clubs and the way they behave. In some cases any comments on our website are from individuals. We will try and ensure we remove any offensive comments from our site. However we do promote discussion, and will not remove any negative experiences posted on our website.

Our Cycle Rides

By registering to enter in any of our Organised Cycle Rides, and by participating in our said rides you agree to our terms and conditions: I wish to enter any of the True Cycle Rides. I confirm I can ride a bicycle safely and in a controlled manner on the public highway. I understand and agree to ride in accordance to the Highway Code. I understand that I take part in the rides at my own risk. I confirm that my general health and fitness are adequate. Furthermore, I agree that the organisers will in no way be held responsible for any injury or illness or death which happens to any person during, or as a result, of the said rides. I also understand the organisers are not responsible for damage or loss of property how so ever caused. True Cycling recommends that you take out British Cycling membership for its third party insurance.

Website Articles, Publications and Information

True Cycling may enter articles of interest onto our website. These may be articles of maintenance, health, technique and training – all of which we recommend you research further and consult with the relevant professionals of the article, publication or information. As always with physical exercise we recommend that you consult a relevant health professional before undertaking or changing your health and exercise programme. We always recommend that you use an appropriate cycle mechanic in regards to maintenance or changes to your cycle. We will use other sources information in preparation of our articles, publications and information, we will where appropriate quote the source, where we are unable to find the author we ask that you get in touch and we can update appropriately.

Partners and Sponsors

We have Partners and Sponsors that we use and promote. By promoting them, this is due to financial or awards of benefits to the organisation. We have tried to ensure our values align. We will promote our sponsors and partners as they allow us to do what we do. However, we are not responsible for any comments, advice, products or other information they put into the public domain.