We are True Cycling.  We are here to give cyclists an inclusive premium cycling experience.  

We are young, but have a mature soul.  We started out as Otley Sportive Cycling Organisation, set up for a single event for Otley.  In 2014 we grew, and 2015 sees the beginning of an exciting new chapter.  We are a cycling events company, with a social purpose, character and a fantastic future.

True Cycling is targeting the ever growing cycling market that we know well, are passionate about and want to see provide inclusive opportunities for those just starting to cycle or those who are well established.

Our event portfolio is varied and wide.  It provides us the opportunity to share our social, fun and inclusive ethos with a wide range of cyclists across many cycling disciplines.  

We believe that cycling events are responsible to their community.  We started with a social purpose, and this social purpose is the heart, soul and passion of what we do.  We want to see more people cycling.  We want people to reap the benefits of cycling; health, wellbeing, fitness, social, enjoyment and fun.  

This social heart is what motivates us, and more importantly its what we invest our profits in.  We want to provide opportunities for all.

We stand for passion in cycling.  

We want people to have fun on their bikes, to ride and to enjoy cycling.  We want people to be social and come together and enjoy a joint passion; the bike, the culture and the respect.

All our events will have our unique ethos and event culture of inclusivity, fun, social and respect.  These events range from Sportives, Club Runs, Cycling Festivals, Town Centre Races and Cyclocross: enough to involve everyone, whatever their level.

We want you to be involved with us.  We want you to work in partnership with us to promote your brand, and help us invest in cycling.

We understand that businesses need to see return on their investment, but this is never achieved through a single sponsorship.  Its achieved through developing a relationship.  We want to promote your brand because we believe in it, and you believe in us.

We are a strong brand, who are established in cycling across Yorkshire.  We have become established because of what we believe in, what our values are, and that we are responsible.

We want our partners to use our events, use our social media, use our fans to get a return on their investment.  We want to sell your product, services and goods.  What more we want to sell it honestly, passionately and respectfully.

We can offer you many partnership opportunities.  We don't want to chase your money, we want to create a relationship; a bespoke opportunity to work together.

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