Sportive Events

Sportive Events with true. are social, fun and community based. 

Our Sportives usually host two distances for cycling around 30km and around 80km.  At our event sometimes we will offer a jersey with your entry.

Prior to the event you will receive emails to give you event updates.  These will be just key information about the event and what you expect.

On the day you will need to arrive at the starting location at the registration time, this is usually half an hour before the start of the event.  We will then release riders in groups so that the roads do not become too congested.

We have mechanical support on the morning in advance to enable the small transit niggles to be fixed. We always ask that riders come prepared as we like to get our mechanics on the road as soon as possible.

During the ride:

Most riders will chat with each other we like to see supportive riding.  We do ask that riders honour respect whilst on the road.  This includes:

  • riding no more than two abreast
  • ensuring that cars can overtake and that there isnt a long train of riders
  • providing communication with other riders of hazards like pot holes and junctions
  • ensuring you always ride with your helmet on.

We ensure that we have feed stations that are well stocked with energy products such as caffeine gels, electrolyte drinks as well as bananas, nuts, mars bars and some of the savoury foods like sausage rolls and pork pies.

When cycling the event there will be arrows around the course to help riders know which direction they need to be taking. We will provide .gpx files of the rides for individuals to add to their GPS device.

All our rides will have rider support.  The rider support includes first aid, mechanical and retirement or as its known in cycling "broom wagon".

After the ride:

This is up to you. We like people to hang around and chat but I know when youve been challenged you may just want to head home.  Post ride we will ensure cake and coffee is available for people to help their selves, and at some of our events a drink as well.

We usually give a goodie bag for the event. And then we hope that we see you again the following year!