A club with a difference...

We must be clear, we are not trying to replace or be any normal cycle club.  We are wanting to be different.  We intend to be different.

Our club is one for the innovators, the less than rigid, the ones who are laid back and just go with it.  Our club gives you a voice and gives you full expression.  

Basically we see it as a Cycle Ride Innovation Hub... 

Why do we run our club like this?

We love the surf culture, and we feel that road cycling is a tad stiff.  We want it to be all about being stoked and it being rad and basically we want it to be about friends.  We also want it so we can feel safe, we want to test out event ideas and we want feedback.  The best way of doing this is by ensuring that we have a chilled out group of people who are in it for the love and passion of cycling.

So... Club Rides?

Club rides happen, but not in your typical manner.  If you want a club to give you weekly rides, or to support your development that is definately not us.  What we do is we invite everyone along, we will send out the route via our members newsletter and then we see who turns up.  We ask that you are self sufficient and that you have a GPS.  Our club rides will be pretty much challenges or tests or actually maybe a very easy ride out for a coffee.  You will know this in advance.

Type of Rides?

We are primarily roadies, we love road riding and most of our events are based on this.  However, we are becoming more and more lovers of mud, grit and dirt and have been known to head our on the trails and singletrack.  Dont put us in a discipline, we love bikes and we love riding.  Join us and who knows what we may do. 

Will I fit in?

Of course you will.  We dont care if you have a £12k bike or a £12 bike, what we care about is you want to come and ride a bike with us.  OK so we ask you to be self sufficient, so we ask that you know what to do and look after yourself but what we dont care about is what you wear, what you ride or who you are.  Just have the right attitude of social cycling, and being with people for the love of cycling.

What does it cost?

Zilch. Zero. Nada. - Absolutely nothing.  

So free membership, cool attitude - what's the catch?

Ok you got us here, we have no real catch.  But as said earlier we use our rides as a tester to our events.  We want to be able to provide the best events, and therefore want your opinion.  Basically you join our cycle club and ride our routes and let us know what you think.  Making sure we are clear: we have no charges, but you can buy a t-shirt or cycling jersey just to make you look pretty hot and awesome.

How do I become a member?

You become a member by filling in the form below.  

No standard club rules

We don't do the whole committee or club secretary rules.  What we ask is that you fill in the form and keep us up to date with your details. Oh and don't be an idiot.  We can kick you out if you act a fool.  We ask that you respect the laws of the highway, and the highway code.  We ask that you ride with respect for your life, the lives of other cyclists and other road users.  Don't be an idiot.

Your expectations

Please dont expect us to provide weekly rides, or coaching sessions, lead out trains or turbo training.  We run ad-hoc rides with specific purpose. If you want these as your expectations please look at your local club.  We enjoy riding flexibly and without any worries, so please expect the same.  We do expect that you are safe on the road, and look out for one another.

So you want to be in?

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By ticking to the below you are agreeing to the conditions as set out on our club page. You agree to be responsible and ride in adherence to the law. By no means are True Cycling responsible for your behaviour, nor are they responsible for your safety.